Studio Rental Membership Program.

Select the Membership that best fits your Photography needs!

*Please note all Monthly Memberships expire at the end of the month and aren’t prorated based on signup date.

$250 Membership

$250 Monthly Membership
– Includes 15 hours of Studio Time
– 4 Free Reschedule/Cancellation per month*

*Reschedule must be done in the same month and same time increment.  If you reschedule a 4 hour block you must schedule a new 4 hour block.


As a monthly member all our standard studio policies do apply and you will enjoy all the benefits of standard rentals along with the added benefit of dynamic cost savings.


Our studio utilizes an online booking system which will allow you to see future dates that are available for booking. Once you book your time, it is automatically reserved off the online calendar. We do ask that if you have a time change please contact us so we may reschedule the time back for others to use.

Your discount code will be active for the entire month of your scheduled join date. It will allow you to book your studio time without receiving any additional charges. Your code can also be renewed for the following month as well by visiting Renewals options are released to current members before the general public so be sure to renew at that time as only a set number of memberships are currently allowed.


Our Studio uses a keypad access code to enter the facility. When management is not on site, your code will be needed. After exiting the studio we ask all members to press the lock button on the keypad to lock up. The access code will change from time to time and you will receive notice of any changes.


From time to time Weldon Bond Studios will conduct membership meetings either on site or online. These meetings are not mandatory and will be to answer member questions, hear suggestions or express plans or changes that may affect current members directly.


Monthly members accepts responsibility for any and all damage to the walls, floors, equipment, fixtures, appliances, couches, props and anything housed or affixed on or inside the studio during the time of their booking. Members are responsible for REPLACEMENT OF ANY EQUIPMENT MISSING OR DAMAGED. Members are also responsible for returning the studio to the same condition as it was at the beginning of their rental. Weldon Bond Studios will accept responsibility for standard cleaning after the members booking has ended. All trash is to be placed in the receptacles by members and/or their production crews and clients. A $50 excessive clean up fee will be applied to the members account if the studio is not returned to an acceptable condition. Membership renewal will not be granted if a member abuses the scheduling system or does not exhibit professional photography etiquette with studio management and/or other members.

For Monthly Members, though on an Unlimited plan, Overbooking the studio system or excessive cancellations will be considered membership abuse and will result in membership cancellation or membership renewal denial. Please use exact scheduling when booking to avoid scheduling conflicts. Monthly membership benefits can not be shared, resold or transferred and must only be used by the photographer member.



– Memberships are for Photoshoots/Videoshoots only. Events or similar activities are prohibited from the membership program.
– All regular Studio Rental Rules Apply.
– Video Shoots can’t control sound in the building. To have complete silent on set additional studio time will need to be purchased.
– Only 1 Studio can be booked out per hour.
– Members can only book in the month of their membership activation.
– Membership benefits can be revoked and cancelled if program rules are broken, abused or not adhered to in any way.
– Membership fee is non-refundable.